We're the first MIS integrator to connect to the new RM Integris API

Assembly's connection to RM Integris (the second largest MIS vendor in England, with around 10% of the market) went live last week. We’re proud to be the first MIS integration service to complete an integration using RM’s new Datashare API, having helped to beta-test the interface while it was under development earlier in the year.

We’re impressed with how RM has built its new interface. Like the Assembly API, RM uses REST and JSON protocols, and they’ve taken modern, robust approaches to security and authorisation alongside a granular permissions model (important for compliance with the fast-approaching GDPR). They’ve also made a broader set of MIS data available than was previously the case. That’s good for partners (like Assembly) and schools, since developers can use data from the API to meet a broader range of product needs (providing a school grants them permission to do so, of course).

With the RM connection now live, Assembly covers 97% of schools in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (a full list of MIS partners is on our website). We build deep connections to MIS, so we can provide you with the vast majority of fields in our data model for all our MIS partners, including RM. We’re particularly proud of our broad coverage of school improvement data (including assessment, attendance and exclusions) - scopes that are traditionally seen as hard to access in a simple and standardised way.

So, if you’re a developer that needs to access MIS data for a school improvement product, drop us a line to discuss how Assembly can help you connect to 97% of schools simply and securely.