Partner In Focus - Safeguarding Monitor

How Safeguarding Monitor is offering schools a complete safeguarding solution with full MIS integration at a low cost.

Safeguarding is an essential part of school life, and schools are increasingly looking for software to reduce the complexity and administrative burden associated with strong safeguarding processes. So we’re excited to announce that Assembly has recently partnered with Safeguarding Monitor - the first complete safeguarding package for schools - to help solve precisely these problems.

Safeguarding Monitor allows you to track and audit your school safeguarding practices and manage all safeguarding tasks. This might involve setting up action plans and alerts for concerns, incidents, accidents and hazards throughout the school; monitoring health and safety policies or managing child protection and casework information in your school.

The Safeguarding Monitor dashboard

James Inman, Managing Director of Safeguarding Monitor, has eight years of experience developing safeguarding software, so is well placed to understand what educators need to keep on top of safeguarding with the minimum of hassle. He says:

“Schools right now are really time poor, and a lot of reporting systems take a huge amount of input from staff. Safeguarding Monitor reduces the vast amount of time schools spend on reporting safeguarding concerns and managing the school environment to keep children safe. By providing a clean chronological report, it also solves the challenge of providing clear information for referrals.”

Safeguarding Monitor also allows you to:

  • See an overview of your school's progress against requirements from the Government, Ofsted, the local authority, and if applicable, your MAT, federation or diocese.
  • Store each child's profile and characteristics (linked from your MIS via Assembly), including recording of pastoral, behaviour and mental health concerns.
  • Ensure that staff roles and responsibilities are accurately tracked.
  • Keep up to date with your health and safety requirements by recording regular building and site checks, from regular walk-arounds to annual reviews.
  • Ensure that your school complies with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), due to come into force in May 2018.

Schools and MATs are already benefiting hugely from the tool; here’s what St Joseph's & St Bede's RC Primary School, Bury had to say about the product:

“Safeguarding Monitor has helped the school become more efficient in collating and monitoring information about our most vulnerable children. This helps the school to become more proactive in implementing measures to safeguard our children.”

Assembly’s role is to make the onboarding and ongoing syncing of MIS data a seamless experience for schools. By integrating with Assembly, Safeguarding Monitor has a direct connection to all the main school MIS. This drastically reduces the configuration steps; instead of producing and uploading CSVs, schools can ensure the product contains up-to-date data with just a few clicks. For schools with high mobility, using Assembly ensures that Safeguarding Monitor can be quickly updated to reflect changes in cohorts and in pupil status.

Assembly and Safeguarding Monitor are also working together to bring Safeguarding data into Assembly Analytics - a set of data dashboards designed with MATs in mind.

Here’s what James from Safeguarding Monitor had to say working with Assembly on data integration:

“Our schools use their MIS in a wide variety of ways, meaning that when we import child and staff data it's patchy. Assembly are great for maintaining data standards and helping us explain to schools what we need from them and how to format it, no matter which MIS they're using… For us the key benefit of working with Assembly has been that they listen. As we add functionality, we're able to discuss what the system needs and how best to bring that data in. It allows us to onboard new schools fast and effectively, reassuring them that using the system is going to be easy and save them time.”

To learn more about safeguarding monitor check out their website.